Advertising is always a big tool that can play a major role in a company's sucess. Concerning that, one of our company's purposes is to be able to advertise products/services. To do that, we use two big platforms that are able to perfome precise advertising aimed at the final consumer: radio advertising (through SFM radio-the only radio station in Murtosa) and advertising on Auto Viação da Murtosa (a bus company).

Advertising on SFM Radio

This advertising is aimed at an audience with buying power. Wether it is through radio spots, exclusive programs or any other association with the radio's contents. This radio can reach all the city of Aveiro and all over the world through the web. The advertisement's contents are well studided and well suited depending on the product/service itself.

Publicidade nos Autocarros

Using ads on a bus is a big bet in terms of advertising some product or service. This ads have lot of visual impact due to two things: First, the vehicle is capable of targeting a big number of consumers because it travels large distances everyday. Second, you can choose where to put the ad on the bus, wether it is on the side of the vehicle or the whole vehicle, creating a big and unique advertising spot.

Advertising is a big investment on your brand or product, and with it you can improve your work.

To advertise your product/service, or to get more information: