Our identity has come to us as an business idea, based on the lack of work in Murtosa as a product. And what is Murtosa as a product? It's all that nature as given to it, godly blessing to an earth that sits between river and sea and that is composed by water ! We also have people with lots of costumes and traditions, people who valorize our natural resources and, most of all, share it with those who visit us. If we add our handicraft, our ethnographic culture and our treats, we get the big product that is Murtosa. This product deserves to be exposed to the world, and trying to keep it as ours is a pure act of selfishness.

Terra D'Água and their young and dynamic team has the major mission of working this product, offer it to the world, trying to make the world a better place. Terra D'Água is Murtosa's brand, and we our main goal is to appreciate and comercialize this yet to know product. Terra D'Água is the perfect symbioses with all the other traders and products from Murtosa.

Terra D'Água Team

We have the right people for the different purposes and goals of the company. In terms of tourism, we have skillfull guides capable of giving you the most complete and precise tour to our land. In terms of advertising, trader and technicians with communication skills capable to promote your service in two big platforms. When it comes to handicraft, we gathered the best artisans of Murtosa, displaying a showcase where we also have new talents and new art, from traditional to modern... Find.Murtosa